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Deggech' Tinitun Dilah Venah Qech'

Upper Trail to Telaquana Lake

Told by Agnes Cusma. Recorded by Jim Kari on April 10, 1980 in Nondalton.
Nan Qelah niqatinitun gu yet yudeq.
Where the trail goes around at 'moss is there,' it goes up above.

Veghdeq Idałtin yi yi ghin ts'inun nuhdelggesh ch'u
They go straight across that 'up above it is a pond' [Miller Lake], and

Ch'ak'dałtnu ts'inun nuqedeł ch'u
they go straight across 'game comes out stream' [Kijik River], and

Tuvughna Ten deggech' iy gu huqedeł.
at 'Tyonek people's trail' [basin and trail to north of Kijik River] they ascend up above.

Ch'u K'ilghech' ts'inun nuqedeł.
And they go straight across 'the gap area' [valley south of College Creek].

A K'a Ka'a gu qedeł.
They go here to 'big inner area' [valley on upper Chilikadrotna River].

Yeqech' hq'u Qałnigi Aqenlchix qedeł.
There then they go to 'structure built against rock' [rock at base of Q'eteni].

Ghu Qałnigi Aqenlchix ghu qech' Q'eteni gini niqeyjendeł ch'u tl'uhdalzhegh hq'aqedeł.
There at 'structure built against rock,' there to here, they go over this 'one with a trail on it' [ridge at west base of Telaquana Mountain] and they descend into 'forked headwaters' [Summit Creek].

Iy gu nuqedeł ch'u Ch'qułch'ishtnu yudeq gu ch'qedeł.
They go across here and they come downstream above 'willow sprout creek' [Old Village site and stream into Telaquana Lake from south].

Iy qech'u K'dilah Vena qedeł.
That way they go to 'fish swim in lake' [Telaquana Lake].