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About This Website and the DATA Project

Like the Dena’ina language itself, the Dena’ina Qenaga web site is made possible by the generosity of the Elders. It is through their wisdom and insight that the Dena’ina language has been passed down from generation to generation. We respect, honor and thank you.

Many Dena’ina speakers have contributed materials for this site through contributions to the Alaska Native Language Archive. These include especially Andrew Balluta, whose short story is featured in the Literature section, and Alec Balluta & Gladys Evanoff, whose phrase book can be found in the Learning section. A more complete list can be found in the People section.

Several organizations contributed resources to this project. These include:

This web site was conceived under the auspices of the Dena’ina Archiving, Training and Access (DATA) project, pincipal investigator Helen Aristar-Dry (Eastern Michigan University) in collaboration with Gary Holton (Alaska Native Language Center and University of Hawai‘i). The DATA project was a three-year undertaking (2004-2006) to provide online access to Dena’ina language materials housed at the Alaska Native Language Archive to Dena’ina community members. The project also provided training in linguistic fieldwork and best practices in language data digitization and archiving to the Dena’ina community and to students of linguistics.

Site design was overseen by research assistants Sadie Williams and Andrea Berez. Additional assistance was provided by research assistants Olga Müller, Michael Christian, Megan Thornley, Joel Hunt, Zachary Marlow, and Craig Stephenson.

Jim Kari (Dena’inaq’ Titaztunt) provided insight into linguistic and organizational issues (although he is absolved of responsibility for any errors which remain). John Ross and Donita Peter (Alaska Native Heritage Center) and Brett Encelewski (Kenaitze Indian Tribe) provided guidance on intellectual property and access issues.

Original artwork by Dale DeArmond was featured in Dena’ina Sukdu’a, ed. by Joan Tenenbaum (ANLC 1984). Used by permission of the Alaska Native Language Center. Banner photo by Wilfred Osgood, used courtesy of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois.