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Silent Night


Q’u eytu
Yuch’ih qich’ul

Naq’eltani nudultan qetni
Baggesh qisenen ch’anik’en.

Yuyanq’ nuhutilch’ix
Yuyanq’ nuhutilch’ix.

Q’udi hdi
Q’u qiz’un
Yuyanq’ htashch’ul
Naq’eltani nudltan qetnen
Veggesh qisenen ch’q’aynigen

Yuyanq’ nuhutghilyix
Yuyanq’ nuhutghilyix

The first verse of the song is in Tyonek dialect and the second in Nondalton dialect.

Choral singing in Tyonek led by Harry Balluta in 1975. Translated into Dena’ina in 1975 at the Fifth Tanaina Workshop, Nondalton. Recorded by James Kari, 1975.