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K'nuy'a Uhu Ch'el'ani

We Go For Beaver

Told by Peter Kalifornsky. Recorded by James Kari, 1975. Published in A Dena'ina Legacy: The Collected Writings of Peter Kalifornsky, pp. 364-365. Alaska Native Language Center, Fairbanks. 1991.
Gu dach' gu dach' qents'uy'a ben dazdlu.
Over this way, over this way there is a series of seven lakes.

Undadi ben en'at k'enuy'a qan gheneshu.
At the last lake I came upon a beaver lodge.

K'iłkedi ba tanełu ch'u quggił ba tananłu.
I set traps in the water for them and I set snares in the water for them.

Łtaqul'i bidults'i.
Eight (beaver) were staying inside (the lodge).

Łuq'u baq'anik'danełnen.
I killed them all.

Ch'u betsen ghinhdi k'q'ush gheshghun.
I made that meat into open-flared carcasses.

Ch'u dasgedi yighełu.
And I put them in smoke.

Qughusht'a dayeshi łdi, zełghal, heyi niłtu.
When they got nicely wind dried, I bundled them up (keeping them) for winter.