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Dach’ Qeyegh Nuqelnixch’

Time-Aligned Stories and Sound

This section of the website contains several “time-aligned” Dena’ina stories. This means that you can listen to a story and follow along by reading the Dena’ina text and an English translation. You can listen to the entire story without interuption, or you can click an audio link next to a particular line of the story and listen to just than line. There are several different types of stories here: traditional narratives, historical narratives, and memories of everyday life.

Speaker Dena'ina Title English Title Duration
Andrew Balluta Htsast'a Ghu Nał T'qighit'ach' How it was in the past for us 4:07
Mary Oskolkoff Ggugguyni Sukdu Raven Story 2:36
Agnes Cusma Deggech' Tinitun Dilah Vena Qech' Upper Trail to Telaquana Lake 1:20
Albert Wassillie Kił Ch'qinaghiłnik'en Sutdu'aThe Story of the Stupid Boy 3:23
Peter Kalifornsky K'nuy'a Uhu Ch'el'ani We Go For Beaver 1:04
Pete Bobby K'qizaghetnu Ht'anaLime Village Territory  
Andrew Balluta K'uhda'i Ghuseltax Ha Nił'unilyaxA Moose is Skinned and Butchered  
Antone Evan Łi Ta'aGlacial Water  
Peter Kalifornsky Łuq'a Ch'k'ezdelghayiPutting Up Salmon  
Peter Kalifornsky Naq'eltanich' Bahdach'nelneshiThe Lords Prayer 1:04
Vonga Bobby Ndalvay Heyenghiłyihch'How They Used to Train Geese  
Gabriel Trefon Nughil Vetnu NudghiłentAt the Waterfall on Newhalen River  
Peter Kalifornsky Qetitl' K'elik'a Ch'tunik'nasdzedenPotlach Song of a Lonely Man  
Peter Kalifornsky Qunshi Uquch'elaniBeluga Hunting  
Pete Bobby Shanteh Nuch'ghunexch'Summer Boat Travel on the Upper Stony River  
Shem Pete Susitnu Htsukdu'aSusitna Story  
Fedosia Sacaloff Unhsah Tahna'inaThe First Underwater People (Russians)  

These stories were time-aligned and compiled by Andrea Berez, James Kari & Sadie Williams. A CD version was distributed at the 2005 Dena’ina Language Institute.