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Naq’eltanich’ Bahdach’nelneshi

The Lord’s Prayer

Told by Peter Kalifornsky. Translated by Peter Kalifornsky in 1974. First published in 1977.

Natukda yuyanq' t'nt'a.
our father in heaven is
N'izhi beggesh qul.
your name its impurity none
Ghu nt'uh ki t'qughelch'elt
there your place more is place of brightness
k'ghulugh usdet tsadi.
end without let it be
Ch'a t'htunił ninzen
what will happen you want
yaqech' t'htunił yuyanq' ch'u ełnen quq' k'u.
that way it will happen in heaven and on earth too
Gin jan ch'dalkidi nach'aniłchit.
this day's provisions give to us
Qilch' na'engi'a nak'uch' inłkit.
bad our sins from us take
Qilch' nagh teldełna qduk'idli qebech'etnih.
bad those who wrong us forgive we say to them
Qilch' na'a ch'ełchedigu.
bad do not lead us
Qil'i k'uch' na'inten.
evil away from you keep us
Nt'uh ił ghu t'qughelch'elt ch'u
your place there is place of brightness and
ki t'qidetghiłtiy ch'u nch'ehtuch'el
more you will have strength and we will be in brightness
suk ghu qtułah qech'.
old there it will become until