The Sentence

The Dena’ina sentence takes three basic forms:

1. Subject + object + verb

Subjects and objects are nouns or possessed pronouns.
Noun: dnigi (moose), bejex or vejex (caribou)
Possessed pronoun: shtukta (sh + tukta), my father

Verb: complex structure that includes an indication of action and noun-like characteristics.
Example: shtukta dnigi elqat = My father eats caribou.

2. Object + verb

Subject is a pronoun contained in the verb.
Example: Dnigi eshlqat = I eat moose

3. Verb

Subjects and objects are embedded in the verb as pronouns.
Or just a subject is embedded in the verb as a pronoun (some verbs do not have an object).
K’eshlqat = I eat it