Parts of Speech: Postpositions

Postpositions are something like English prepositions and include words like "among," "for," "to," and "with."

Postpositions are used in two ways:

Note: The postpositions below include only a partial list. For the complete list see "Dena'ina Topical Dictionary" by James Kari.

Postpositions following nouns:

Dena'ina Meaning Example Meaning
teh among, between, during, in dghili teh among the mountains
heyteh (hey+teh) during the winter
egh by, to, at, about, in relation to sukdu egh about the stories
bejex egh in relation to the caribou
u for, on behalf of ts'itsatna u on behalf of the ancestors
shu (sh+u) for me
q'ach' from Tseldatnu q'ach' from Soldotna
yuq' q'ach' from the sky
ch' to, toward bench' (ben+ch') to the lake
dghilich' (dghili+ch') to the mountains
q' on, like, in the manner of miłniq' (miłni+q') on the water
łuq'aq' (łuq'a+q') in the manner of the salmon
t'uh under ełnen t'uh under the ground (cache)
esni t'uh under the cottonwood
det without, lacking miłni det without water
ush det lacking snowshoes
with dezhuni eł with kindness
k'enyi eł with charm

Postpositions following pronouns: the postpositions listed above can be used after the object pronouns below.

Dena'ina Meaning
sh- me
n- you (singular)
ve- or be- him/her
ye- it
dn- us
(n)h- you (plural)
qe- them

Example: shegh (sh+egh) meaning "by me."
neł (n+eł) meaning "with you (singular)."