Parts of Speech: Evidentials

Evidentials are words that emphasize the certainty of a statement.

They usually appear at the end of the sentence.

Evidentials don't easily translate directly into an English word and are sometimes translated as a phrase.

Dena'ina Meaning Example Meaning
shin'i used to emphasize a singular living person shgguya shin'i he is my son
Tulchina shin'i I am Tulchina clan
shina'i Used to emphasize a group of people; plural emphatic, refers to people Kahtnuht'ana shina'i the Kenai people live, the Kenai people exist
Nulchina shina'i The Nulchina people
shida I am Albert shi shida I am Albert, this is who I am
Dnayi shida this is really us
shi'i non-human or inanimate ggagga shi'i it is a bear
hetl shi'i what a sled
shugu thus it is shi shugu I am the one