Parts of Speech: Adjectives

Adjectives describe nouns.

Adjectives are not used as much in Dena'ina as in English. Concepts expressed by English adjectives are usually embedded within the Dena'ina verb (for example "he is fast" is one Dena'ina verb).

The adjectives below follow after the noun they describe and can be written as two words or the adjective may be attached to the noun (noun + adjective).

Adjective Meaning Example Meaning
ggwa little, small dghili ggwa little mountain
łik'a ggwa little dog, puppy
chuq'eya ggwa little birch
qenq'a ggwa small house
ka'a big dghili ka'a big mountain (placename for Denali)
dnigi ka'a big moose
qayeh ka'a big village
qenq'a ka'a big house