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Dena'ina Verbs and Verb Paradigms

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The verb is the most elaborate and expressive part of the Dena'ina language. One way to better understand verbs is through the study of verb paradigms: groups of related verb forms which vary by a single parameters, such as subject, aspect, or object. For example, the following is an example of a subject paradigm for the Dena'ina verb 'to be' in the imperfective aspect.

-lan 'to be' (imperfective aspect)
    Nondalton Kenai
first person singular 'I am'
second person singular 'you are'
third person singular 'he, she, it is'
first person plural 'we are'
second person plural 'you guys are'
third person plural 'they are'
areal 'area is'

This paradigm demonstrates some interesting rules of pronunciation which distinguish Nondalton and Kenai dialects. In Kenai, the first person singular sh- and the second person plural eh- are not pronounced when they precede a stem-initial l-. Instead, the stem-initial voiced l- changes to voiceless ł-. In shorthand we could write this as:

Kenai stem-initial l- devoicing rule: sh/h + lCV --> łCV (where C = consonant, V= vowel)

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