Upper Inlet Dena’ina Lessons

October Lesson 6: Activities

1. What are you doing? Yada t’enł’an dit?
2. I am going hunting. Shtuneshu shit’i.
3. What is he doing? Yada t’eł’anen din?
4. He went out hunting. Shtuniyunen shin’i.
5. He is walking around outside. Uch’ih nugheyuł.
6. What is the man doing? Quht’ana yada t’eł’anen din?
7. That man went hunting. Quht’ana ghin ki shtuniyu.
8. What is the child doing? Ch’anigen ghun yada q’u t’eł’anen din?
9. The boy went hunting. Ch’anigen ghun k’a shtuniyu.
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