Upper Inlet Dena’ina Lessons

March Lesson 5: Hand me, give me different objects

Classificatory Verbs: 1
1. Give me the rock. Qałnigi shlaq’a dnichit.
2. Give me my hat. Shkit’una shlaq’a dichit.
3. Give me the tea you poured for me. Chayu shghu danłtl’idi shlaq’a dichit.
4. Give me the water in a cup. Biłni shu niqush cup at.
5. Give me the water that you poured for me. Biłni shu danłtl’idi shlaq’a dichit sa’i.
6. Give me the puppy. Łegga shlaq’a nłghuł iy.
7. Give me the baby too. Ch’anigen gga k’a shlaq’a nłghuł k’a shi.
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