Upper Inlet Dena’ina Lessons

June Lesson 3: Plants

1. What will this be? Ginhti yada q’u tulał?
2. This is a plant that is growing. K’et’un dnełyahi.
3. This is grass that is growing. K’echan dnełyahi.
4. This is a spruce tree that is growing here. Ch’bala gu dnełyahi.
5. What is growing here? Yada q’u dnełyah dit?
6. What kind of growing things are here? Yada du ghu dnełyahi gu da qilan?
7.There is wild celery growing here. Ggis dnełyahi gu qilan.
8. Alders are growing here, too. Chik’a deldeli gu qednełyah gu k’a.
8b. Alders are growing. Chik’a dedeli dnełyah.
9. Sage is growing. Ts’elbeni dnełyah.
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