Upper Inlet Dena’ina Lessons

January Lesson 2: Activities

1. What is s/he doing? Yada t’eł’anen din?
2. S/he is crying. Chagh duhti.
3. S/he is sewing. Q’ank’dałqushen shin.
4. S/he is playing. Hnat’an duhti.
4b. S/he is playing. Hnat’anen łu.
5. S/he is packing water. Biłni tuyequshen shin.
6. What are you doing? Yada q’u t’enł’an dit?
7. I am crying. Eshchagh shit’i.
8. I am sewing. Q’ank’da’ełqush.
9. I am playing too. Hna’esht’an k’a.
10. I am packing water too. Biłni k’a tuyeshqun.
11. What is that woman doing? K’isen ghun yada t’eł’anen din?.
12. The woman is sewing. K’isen ghun q’ank’dałqush duhti.
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