Upper Inlet Dena’ina Lessons

February Lesson 4: Fire

1. Do you have matches? Sbichga du dayilu da?
2. Yes, there are matches. Aa’ sbichga daydlu.
3. There are no matches. Sbichga k’a qisen.
4. Do you have firewood? Chik’a nu daydlu da?
4b. Is there burning material there? Yedghu idayq’eni daydlu da?
5. Yes, I have firewood. Aa’ chik’a dayełu.
6. Are there spruce branches? K’eluts’iya daydlu da?
7. Is there kindling? Qudulgugi daydlu da?
8. I have kindling. Qudulgugi dayełu.
9. What is s/he doing? Yada t’eł’anen din?
10. S/he is making a fire there. Ghu nuydiłq’ush.
10b. S/he is making a fire. Nuydiłq’ushen łu ghu.
11. What are you doing? Yada t’enł’an dit?
12. He is making a fire. Nuydiłq’ushen łu ghu.
12b. *I am making a fire. Nuydełq’ushen łu ghu. no audio
13. You make fire! Nen q’u sa nu’idinłq’ush’i!
14. Make a fire! Idinłq’ush sa’i!
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