Upper Inlet Dena’ina Lessons

February Lesson 3: Clothing

1. What do you have? Yada q’u yilu?
2. I have my mittens. Gech’ yełu shit’i.
3. I also have moccasins too. Seł k’a yełu shit’i.
4. I also have socks too. Chulga k’a yełu.
5. I also have my hat too. Shkit’una k’a yełu.
6. I also have my pants too. Stl’ustl’a k’a yełu shit’i.
7. I also have my shirts too. Shdak’a k’a yełu shit’i.
8. I also have clothes too. Shbenłqela k’a yełu shit’i.
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