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Who are you?

1. Yada dughu n'izhi nlani?
What is your name?
2. Sh'izhi (...).
My name is (...).
3. (...) sh'izhi hdilan.
My name is (...).
4. Vada inlan dit?
Who are you?
5. (...) eshlan shida.
I am (...).
6. Nen hdi nda'ich' dughu n'izhi qilan da?
And you, what is your name?
7a. Vada din?
Who is that?
7b. Yen ghunhdi vada din?
Who is that person over there?
8. Gun shugu sh'u nlan.
That's my wife.
9a. Gun shida nlan shit.
That's my friend.
9b. Nghun shida nlan.
That's my friend.
10. Vada inlan dina?
Who are you?
11. Yada q'u qeve'izhi qilan?
What are their names?
12. Dena'ina eshlan (shida).
I'm a Dena'ina Athabascan.
13. Shi k'i Dena'ina eshlan.
Me too, I'm a Dena'ina Athabascan.
14a. Gasht'ana eshlan (shida).
I'm a white/Caucasian man.
14b. Gasht'an ch'ey eshlan (shida).
I'm a white/Caucasian woman.
15. Niłch' ch'uch'i'elchin leha t'edyuq.
We are of mixed ancestry.
16a. Daha hch'aninyu dit?
Where have you come from?
16b. Daha gheli q'u hch'aninyu?
Where have you come from?/Where are you originally from?
17a. Nundaltin hch'aneshju shit.
I come from Nondalton.
17b. Nundaltin hch'aneshyu.
I come from Nondalton.
18. Daha nghu nqayeh qilan?
Where is your village?
19. Shqayeh hdi Nundaltin qilan.
My village is Nondalton.
20. Nen hdi ndaha ghu hch'aninyu?
And you, where are you from?
21. Peters Creek ch'u yeshdu.
I live in Peters Creek.
22. K'etnu qilan yeh shugu yeshdu da.
I live at/by that creek.
23. (N)da'ich' q'u (ve)ghinlchił (da)?
What clan are you?
24. Tulchina eshlan (shit).
I'm Water Clan.
25. Kalach'ey eshlan shit.
I'm Fishtail Clan.
26. K'kali eshlan.
I'm Fishtail Clan.
27. Ggahyi ełan shit.
I'm Raven Clan.
28. Nuhzhi eshlan shit.
I'm Nuzhi Clan.

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