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What's the Weather Like?

1. Nda'ich' q'u tqit'a uch'en?
How's the weather?
2. Nda'ich' q'u qiz'un?
How's the weather?
3. Ch'uqughił qiz'un uch'en.
It's bad weather outside.
4. Ch'uqughił gheli qiz'un.
It is really bad weather.
5. Uch'en qighishin qiz'un.
It's good weather.
5. Yagheli jani gheli qilan.
It's a really nice day.
6. Yagheli gheli qilan.
It's real nice (outside).
7. N'uh yuq' dahi dnaghelt'a.
It's cloudy (lit.: There are many clouds out there).
8. Yuq' dahi qilan.
It's cloudy.
9. Ełkun du?
Is it raining?
10. Ełkun.
It's raining.
11. Nułkun?
Is it raining again?
12. Aa', nułkun.
Yes, it's raining again.
13. Qighishin k'eljax.
It's bright (outside).
14. Qak'dni'un.
It's sunny/the sun is shining.
15. Qanich'ey.
It's windy.
16. Qanich'ey gheli.
It's real windy.
17. Qanich'ey ch'u ełkun.
It's windy, and it's raining.
18. Dazghatl'.
It's calm.
19. Ezhi.
It's cold.
20. Ezhi eshlan.
I'm cold.
21. (Uch'en) nuhghinik.
It's foggy (outside).
22. Nutchił.
It is snowing.
23a. Uch'en qenilqin.
It's warm outside.
23b. Hnalqen uch'en.
It's warm/hot outside.
24. Kunch'nazdliq' nul'ah.
It's hailing.
25a. T'qighiłqet' gheli.
It's slippery.
25b. T'qighiłqet'.
It's slippery.
26. Heyi qilan shit.
It's winter.
27. Ezhi qizdlan.
It got cold.
28a. Łitl'en qilan.
It is spring.
28b. Łitl'en qizdlan (shit).
It became spring.
29a. Shani qilan.
It is summer.
29b. Shan(i) qizdlan (shit).
It became summer.
30. Naqeli qizdlan.
It became fall.
31. heyi
that year
32. hey yeh
that year (in the past)
33. hughdeh
in the past (ago)
34. Zhah ghini idghalnen.
The snow is melting.
35. K'itdghalnen.
It (=snow) is melting.
37. Ten idghalnen.
The ice is melting.
36. Ten ghin k'i nu'idzil.
The ice is melting.
38. Minłi ghini nghalten.
The water is starting to freeze.
39. Tenghalten.
It is starting to freeze.
40. Jani nudilzil.
The days are getting warm again.
41. Jani nutdiłggech'.
The days are getting shorter.
42. Jan dilggich'.
The days are getting shorter.
43. Nutałghatl'.
It's getting dark.
44. Shla gguya q'u yeh qugh nuhtashtch'eł.
It's getting a little light now.
45. Tałqun.
It's getting light (before dawn).
46. N'uyi qutdalnen.
The sun is rising.
47. N'uyi nutaz'un.
The sun is setting.
48. Q'ut'en qilan.
It's morning.
49. Jani qilan.
It's day(light).
50. Hełch' tazdla.
It's evening.
51. Tets qilan.
It's night.
52. Nda'ich' q'u tghesht'an ininzen?
What do you want to do?
53. Uch'en tgheshyu nesen.
I want to go outside.
54. Tighalggux yinesen.
I want to go outside.
55. Nen hdi, ugha uch'en tgheshyu ininzen du?
And you, are you ready to go outside?
56. Q'u du tihghelggux du?
Are they going out now?
57. Ugha, ch'tuyuni.
Okay, let's go.
58. Ugha, tich'ulgguxni.
Okay, let's go.

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