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Paradigms and Verb Forms

1. Verbal paradigm: O-qat 'eat'  
łiq'a elqat        I am eating fish
łiq'a nlqat dit        you are eating fish
łiq'a lqat          s/he is eating fish
łiq'a ch'elqat    we are eating fish
łiq'a elqat        you guys are eating fish
łiq'a qelqat      they are eating fish
2. Nominal paradigm: -unkda mother  
shunkda      my mother
nunkda       your mother
vunkda       his/her mother
navunkda     our mother(s)
nhunkda     you guys' mother
qevunkda   their mother
3. Miscellaneous verb forms  
He looks at me.
Look at me.
Nen shi k'i ntengheł'ił.
I'm looking at you.
Gu (ghu) hninł'an.
Look here!
He's looking at her.
Dena'inaq' sheł qinax.
Speak to me in the Dena'ina language.
Dena'inaq' shugu qeshnax da.
I am speaking in the Dena'ina language.
Nch'u qadashdestnik.
He doesn't hear/understand me.
Qadashdinix dit?
Do you hear/understand me?
Nch'u qadandeshtnik.
I don't hear/understand you.
Nch'u nq'aynidelzex.
I don't understand you.
Nch'u gheli shq'aynidilzex.
He doesn't understand me.
Nt'i k'i ghu nq'aynidelzex.
Well, I can understand you.
Nch'u yeq'aynidelzex.
He doesn't understand her.
Listen to me.
I'm listening to you.
Daha gheli q'u hch'aninyu?
Where have you come from?
Nundaltin hch'anesh(d)yu (shit).
I come from Nondalton.
Shegh ninyu (dit).
You came to me.
Negh neshyu shit.
I came to you.
Negh tgheshyuł.
I'll come to you.
Negh gheshdu shit.
I was staying with you.
Shegh zidu.
You are visiting me.
I forgot.
Nen k'i k'uynidaninlnen.
You forgot, too.

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