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Useful Expressions

1. Aa'.
2. Nch'u (gheli).
3. Chin'an.
4. Chin'an gheli.
Thank you very much.
5a. Chin'an nch'u sheł dini da k'i yagheli.
You didn't need to thank me.
5b. Nch'u k'a du chin'an sheł dinil.
You didn't need to thank me.
6. Duk'idli.
I'm sorry.
7. Duk'idli gheli.
I'm really sorry.
8. Ughasht'ay!
Hurry up!
9. Zisan!
Stand up!
10. Gganilchit!
Get up!
11. Nitsut!
Sit down.
12. Q'u shih qugh.
13. K'qisen.
No more.
14a. Ki!
Some more!
14b. Ki tsa'i!
Some more!
15a. Husht'a!
15b. Da husht'a!
16. Hdichit!
Stop it!
17a. Q'u!
Let's quit!
17b. Hduchitni.
Let's quit.
18. Q'u lach' q'u dit dinit?
Are you certain (lit.: Is it true what you are saying)?
19. Nen shi yeh ch'u da in'u da?
Are you certain (lit.: Is that what you want)?
20. Q'u lach' shughu deshni da.
That's true (lit.: What I say is true).
21. Q'u yaghelich' dini shit.
You're right (lit.: It's nice what you say).
22. Dach' qidyuq.
That's how it happened.
23. (Yeh) shughu tqit'a da.
That's the way it is.
24. Nidighełqetni.
I want to ask you a question.
25. Shi(ch')dełket da.
Don't ask me.
26. Nda'ih du?
Why? How come?
27. Q'uch'a.
That's all.
28. Ugha tsa'i.
That's all.
29. K'itigi gheli k'eyi inlan.
You're too funny.
30. K'itigi gheliq' nch'u gheli q'aynidilzex.
You really don't understand a lot.
31. Qada hu'idintni.
You be careful.
32. Negh eshchen (gheli).
I (really) love you.
33a. Ghuch'ih dini dit?
Are you kidding (lit.: Are you saying s.th. untrue)?
33b. Q'u lach' dini dit?
Are you kidding (lit.: Is that true)?
34. Nda'ich' ghu tqidyuq?
What happened?
35. Nda'ich' ghu t'indyuq?
What did you do?
36. Nda'ich' q'u?
How come?
37a. Nda'ich' q'u neł tqit'a?
How does it seem to you?
37b. Nda'ich' neł qil'an?
How does it seem to you?
38. Yada di?
What is this?
39. Ghinhdi/ginhdi yada di?
What is that?
40. Nda'ich' q'u ve'izhi hdilan?
What's the name of it?
41. (K')k'uynidanlnen.
I forgot.
42. Nen k'i k'uynidaninlnen.
You forgot, too.
43a. Nch'u qit'ayni'esen.
I don't know.
43b. Nch'u qit'aydi'esen.
I don't know.
44. Sh'in.
I don't know.
45. Nda'ich' shu tghutghil'an?
What do you want to use?

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