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Some Kinship Terms

1. shtukda~shtutda
my father
2. shunkda~shuntda
my mother
3a. shcheyatda
my grandfather
3b. shchada'a
my grandfather
4. shchikda~shchidta
my grandmother
5a. unqeghyeh shcheyatda
my great-grandfather
5b. Q'et'q'u shcheyatda ghilan.
He was my great-grandfather back then.
6a. unqeghyeh shchikda
my great-grandmother
6b. Q'et'q'u shchikda ghilan.
She was my great-grandmother back then.
7a. sh'u
my wife
7b. sh'utda
my dear wife
8. shqen
my husband
9a. shgguya
my child (lit. 'my little one')
9b. shq'ayna
my children
10. stsa'(a)
my daughter
11. shey'a
my son
12a. shingha
my older brother
12b. sh'ala'(a)
my older brother
13. shkela
my younger brother
14a. sh'udla'a
my older sister
14b. udla
my older sister (voc.)
15. shdaja
my younger sister
16. vach'ala
his/her aunt
17. sez'a
my uncle (father's brother)
18. qichi
old lady
19. Qichi nlan.
She's an old lady.
20. en'ushen
(old) man
21. En'ushen gheli ezdlan.
He became a very old man.
22. deghk'isen
(young) woman
23. kił
young man
24. Kił gheli nlan shu q'u.
He's a young man.
25a. kił gga
25b. kił gguya
26. deghk'isen gguya
27. deghk'isna gguya

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