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How are you?

1. Naghe nduninyu.
You came to us. (Traditional way of greeting a visitor)
2. Aa', dunshyu.
Yes, I came. (Traditional answer to 1.)
3. Nda'ich' q'u t'int'a?
How are you?
4. Yagheli.
(I'm) fine.
5. Jan gu nda'ich' q'u t'int'a?
How are you today?
6. Yagheli eshlan.
I'm fine.
7. Jan gu yagheli inlan du?
How are you today? (lit.: Are you fine today?)
8. Yagheli eshlan jan gu.
I'm fine today.
9a. Nen hdi, nda'ich' q'u t'int'a?
And you, how are you doing?
9b. Nen hdi, yagheli inlan du?
And you, how are you doing?
10. Shi k'i yagheli.
Me too, I'm fine.
11. Nda'ich' q'u t'int'a, nen hdi?
And you, how are you doing?
12. Ne'uy qut'un ni.
The sun came up again.
13. Taghintneq du?
Are you tired?
14. (Aa',) tagheshtneq.
(Yes,) I'm tired.
15. Nch'u, nch'u tagheshtneq.
No, I'm not tired.
16. Veł chisen.
I'm sleepy.
17. Veł tsisex.
I'm sleepy.
18. Dinchin du/dit?
Are you hungry?
19. (Aa',) di'eshchin.
(Yes,) I'm hungry.
20a. Minłnich' dna'esh'u (gheli).
I'm thirsty (lit.: I crave water).
20b. Shi gheli k'i minłnich' dna'esh'u.
I'm really thirsty.
21. Ezhi eshlan.
I'm cold.
22a. K'idiki eva sheł qilan.
I'm hot.
22b. K'idiki gheli eva eshlan.
I'm too hot.
23. Stsi egedu nilan.
I've got a headache.
24. Shchutl'a egedu nlan.
My stomach is hurting.
25. Gheshdleh.
I'm smiling.
26. Sheł yagheli qilan.
I'm happy (lit.: Things are good with me).
27. Sheł qinaghelnik.
I'm happy.
28. Sheł qil qilan.
I'm sad.
29. Eshchegh shida.
I'm crying.
30. Nk'eshdleq' shit.
I'm laughing.

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