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Hello / Goodbye

1a. Ugha, ndunilggux.
Come on in!
1b. Dunilggux!
Come on in!
2a. Dunilggux, chin'an gheli.
Welcome, thanks for coming.
2b. Chin'an, gu shegh nduninyu.
Thank you for coming here to me.
2c. Chin'an gheli, gu shegh nuninyu.
Thank you for coming back to me.
3. Shegh ninyu (dit).
You came to me.
4. Shegh nuninyu.
You came back to me/to me again.
5. Negh gheshdu shit.
I was staying with you.
6. Shegh zidu.
You are visiting me.
7. Negh tgheshyuł.
I'll come to you.
8. Negh neshyu shit.
I came to you.
9. Nundaltin neshyu.
I came to Nondalton.
10. Sheł yagheli qilan Nundaltin gu ninyut.
I am glad you came to Nondalton.
11. Sheł yagheli gheli Nundaltin neshyu.
I'm really glad I came to Nondalton.
12. Tałqun(da) (shi) negh tgheshduł.
I might visit you tomorrow.
13. Q'u itdahdi.
Some other time.
14. Q'u yet dahdi ki q'u negh tgheshduł.
I'll visit you again.
15a. Na'eł yagheli qilan Kenai gu nehdatl'.
We're glad you all came to Kenai.
15b. Tanch' gheli q'u Kenai nehdatl' q'u yagheli.
Good that you all came to Kenai.
16a. Nutgheshdnał.
I'm leaving.
16b. Nutgheshdyuł.
I'm leaving.
17. Nuhtudnax.
They're going to leave.
18a. Q'u yet dahdi nuntghesht'ih (yit).
See you later.
18b. Q'u, q'u yet dahdi nuntghesht'ih yida.
Goodbye, see you later.
19. Q'ua, ki nehdał nuhtgheshnax yet.
Goodbye, I'll talk again when you guys come.
20a. Ugha!
Let's go!/Come on!
20b. Q'u!
Let's go!
21. Ch'adach' q'u yagheli ghinla tsadi.
May you have good luck.

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