Mike Alex and Family
(l to r)
George Ondola, Herbert Alex, Mike Alex,
Lois Alex, Margaret Alex.
Courtesy Anchorage Museum

2006 Dena'ina Festival Photo Album

The photos below are from the 2006 Dena'ina Festival, held on the beach at Kenai on June 17. These photographs are displayed here courtesy of the Alaska Native Heritage Center Dena'ina Language Project Collection.

Click on each thumbnail to see a full size photograph.

Aaron, Andrea, Wanda, Helen, Michael Adam, Violet, Amanda, Nora, Tina, Fedora
Adam, Violet, Donita, Nora, Amanda, Fedora Adam, Violet, Donita, Nora, Amanda, Fedora
Donita, Gladys Donita, Kate
Donita, Nora, Fedora Maxium, Donita
Nora, Fedora Pete, Donita

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