Shan łiq'a idayelghan

Preparing Fish in the Summer

Preparing fish is a very important Dena'ina tradition. This webpage explains how the Tyonek Dena'ina prepare smoked king salmon strips, or balik, so it will last all winter.

The original Dena'ina text was dictated by the late Nellie Chickalusion of Tyonek in 1976.
For this version, it was spoken and recorded by Nora McCord of Tyonek in 2006.
It was transcribed and translated by James Kari and Donita Peter.
The pictures were assembled by Donita Peter and Davin Holen.
The html-version was prepared by Olga Lovick.

Below, you can download the .pdf version of the original poster by Donita Peter and Davin Holen, originally for the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Department for Fish and Game.

Download the poster.