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Unlike most large languages, very few materials have been available for those interesting in teaching the Dena'ina language. Recently there have been more and more Dena'ina curriculum efforts creating materials. This page is intended to showcase and make available different curriculum efforts and materials for Dena'ina. Those interested in sharing materials on this site should contact

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Elders who have made the development of Dena'ina language curricula possible: Francis Lindgren, Alexandra Lindgren, Andrew Balluta, Mary Hobson, Mary Delkittie, Agnes Cusma, Pete Bobby, Helen Dick, Fedora Constantine, Nora McCord, Gladys Evanoff, Walter Johnson, Pauline Hobson, and Steve Hobson Jr. (Butch Hobson). We honor and respect you.

Curriculum by Wanda Reams, Language Developer, Kenaitze Indian Tribe

Wanda has been working for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe on developing both adult and children's curriculum for the Dena'ina Language. Visit her curriculum page to find out more about her lesson plans that are held in the Dena'ina Qenaga Digital Archive.

Curriculum Resources

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